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The answer is simple you can sell your house in Spain Commission Free and the seller can deal direct with the buyer assuring a trouble free property sales in Spain.  It is estimated that around 60% of properties in America are sold privately, with owners commonly using For Sale By Owner (FSBO) websites like this one.  By using For Sale By Owner Spain (FSBO-Spain) owners can reduce their asking price substantially by cutting out the agent, therefore cutting out the commission.  It is common knowledge that Spanish estate agents put very large commissions on top of the asking price.  This puts many buyers off using a traditional estate agent in Spain. To get your Spanish Property noticed by buyers looking for a Bargain Spanish Property you would be wise to use a For Sale By Owner website specifically dedicated to Spanish Property to sell your Spanish home privately.  don´t waste another minute and get your property noticed by using the For Sale By Owner Spain website (FSBO-Spain).


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Although we have many similarities with other For Sale By Owner website in the fact that we rank highly on the major search engines and we put buyers and sellers in direct contact with each other so buyers and sellers can arrange their own private sale, where For Sale By Owner-Spain (FSBO-Spain) differs is that we believe in showing the best of every Spanish property by making the For Sale By Owner website attractive to potential buyers. This means including lots of property photos, no matter what package you pay for.  Photos make the site attractive and therefore attracts many potential buyers.  We also do not restrict sellers to a small description.  The more information a seller can put on his individual For Sale By Owner Spain (FSBO-Spain) page, the more interesting it will be to potential buyers.  We have also made the For Sale By Owner Spain (FSBO-Spain)  website very simple for buyers to use and search for specific property types and areas. Potential buyers revisit our site many times, giving your property more chance of being seen by serious buyers.


On top of the great benefits for buyers, the seller has a choice of packages from just 10 euros.  We have researched the web and our competitors extensively and we are proud to offer what we think is the best value.  If you feel you can get a better deal from another site, we would love to hear from you.  We are dedicated to keeping our prices & service competitive.


News Articles
Anyone reading a newspaper or watching the news may well be under the impression that all hope is lost, and it is only a matter of time before the vultures start circling overhead waiting to pick at the bones!
While there is going to be a fair degree of pain for some, the world is not coming to a halt and people are still looking towards the future and making plans (albeit different to the plans they were making this time last year) and properties are still selling and some people are still making a decent return on their investment.
It would be naive to assume that every property on the market will sell at the owner’s asking price, however there are some practical things owners can do to try and maximise their chances of being among the successful sellers.
The first thing an owner must do is (as stated in prior articles) is to look at the price they are advertising their property at, and whether they are at a price which is comparable with similar properties.
Many owners are certain that their property is the “nicest” on their urbanisation, whilst their property may indeed be lovely are they adding to high a premium and basing this on their own personal tastes?
Every buyer of a property is different  and not everyone is going to find your shrine to Jimmy Saville, or whomever, the most attractive and practical use of your solarium/ spare room/ entrance hall!!
Unusual and individual decoration should wherever possible be replaced with neutral colour schemes, in order that a potential buyer can see the full possibilities your property has.
The next step an owner must take is to ensure that the property is clean and tidy before a viewing:
Many people don’t give themselves the best chance of selling their property by failing to ensure that their property is presented at its best, children’s toys ´on the floors and dog mess in the back garden may well be the result of your property being a family home and lived in, however, to a potential buyer it may come across as being small, cluttered and too much trouble for the money!
If your property is being rented while it is on the market to sell you need to ensure that the agreement with your tenant includes a provision for the property to be maintained in a suitable condition for viewings (and that you or your agent will give adequate notice of viewing to ensure this happens).
If the property has been vacant for a period of time you, or your agent, need to arrive at the property early enough to open all the windows and doors and let fresh air into the property.  As everyone who owns a property in this region of Spain knows we are fortunate enough to live in one of the healthiest climates in the world, it is also however one of the most humid, and high humidity, bed linen and lack of proper airing can create an odour which is not going to entice a buyer if it is the first impression they get when the first cross the threshold of your property.
At all times owners must remember this is a buyers’ market.  Anything which places even the smallest doubt in the mind of a potential purchaser can be enough to drive them in your next-door neighbour’s house assuming they have taken the time and trouble to present their property at its best!
The final thing (at least for this article) is the always interesting and most difficult subject of neighbours.
Most of us when we have moved here will have formed new, and at times extremely intricate, relationships with our new neighbours. As in all facets of life some people will always be difficult to get along with and some people will go out of their way to be helpful.
The only advice I can give on this subject is if your neighbours are the friendly, helpful types then use this factor to your advantage, pointing out all the assistance they can be to your potential buyer. If, however, you cannot think of anything positive to say about your neighbours other than they happen to exist then it would be better to not raise the subject, and if your potential buyer asks give a neutral reply and move the conversation along to more positive matters.
One of the major differences between the Spanish legal system and the UK is the lack of a requirement to disclose this information.
If any reader has any property related problem they would like advice on then get in touch through the Coastrider offices or by e-mail at the following address and we will endeavour to help (this help and advice may be used in future articles, however,  all personal  information will remain confidential)
Property Exchange
Opinions as to the state of the housing market would appear; at the moment at least, to be as plentiful as weather forecasts and just about as reliable.
In both instances, house prices and weather, the best barometer may well be to stick your head out the window and see for yourself what is happening!
On one hand we have government statisticians telling us that the worst is over and house prices in the UK and then the rest of Europe are set to make gains in the later stages of this year.
Given how honest and reliable all the government information has been shown to be over the last several years, it would seem to be, to use the Prime Ministers favourite phrase, “prudent” to treat these statistics with at the least a little caution!
By the same token the major lending institutions, in the United Kingdom at least, are reporting a rise in the number of favourable decisions for lending in the last financial quarter. As these are the self same institutions which help precipitate this crisis, and who are largely owned by the Government, again it might be necessary to apply a little scepticism to these figures.
By the simple test of sticking your head out of the window it would appear that the reality is; for everyone other than a politician or a banker, somewhat different.
Jobs are being lost, homes are being repossessed, and consumer spending is down and most noticeably for those of us living here on the Costas visitor numbers are down by an enormous amount.
With the marked difference in the exchange rate, from even one year ago, anyone on a fixed income from out with the Euro zone has noticed a major difference in the amount of money they have had to live on.
 Couple this drop with the general rise in prices of everyday goods and services and it is easy to understand why some people are getting desperate to sell their properties and either move somewhere cheaper or to downsize and, hopefully, raise some capital.
One of the newer trends, in Spain, which can help in this situation, is “Property Exchange”. 
Whilst not suitable for every circumstance property exchange can help people make moves and restart their lives.
 In many cases the exchanges can be relatively, by Spanish standards, straightforward, when both properties are under the jurisdiction of the Spanish Notary system.
It does need the expertise of qualified professionals to ensure that both parties are adequately protected and represented with regard to any tax issues which may arise.
Where the property exchange scheme has in the past encountered major difficulties has been if one of the properties being exchanged is out with Spanish jurisdiction.
Given the large numbers of people I meet who wish to return to the UK and an increasing number of UK residents who would like to leave the country but who cannot sell their property it was only a matter of time before we were asked if there could be any legal method to arrange an exchange, with a cash adjustment in either direction as necessary, which could be presented to a Notary and accepted.
Having done a fair bit of research the short answer is YES ,but remember this is Spain, short answers can leave a lot of very big and potentially expensive questions!
In order to prove to the Notary system that what is being proposed, does indeed, meet all the requirements of taxation and land registration legislation currently in place, there needs to be a professional and legally recognisable framework in place which can cover both jurisdictions, and, ensure all parties are protected by the governing bodies for Legal professionals in both countries.
In other words the long answer now turns out to be YES as well.
For many people this now represents a realistic, and in some cases speedy solution, however, as with anything in life, with the exception of death and ever more taxation, there are no guarantees!
In order for these schemes to work properly both parties have to be prepared to negotiate in good faith, I know these sounds obvious, but without openness and honesty this type of transaction cannot proceed.
For anyone wishing to consider a property exchange, either within Spain or to another part of Europe or indeed the world at large there are some key questions they must consider:
Where do you want to move to?
What kind of property are you looking for?
If there needs to be a cash adjustment can you afford it?
How many people from your target area are realistically going to be looking to move into and live in your current house?
When you can give yourself honest answers to these questions then Property Exchange might indeed be the way forward!
Buying property in Spain - the legal formalities
In most cases buying a property in Spain can be quite a straight forward process - if you use a good reputable lawyer - they should follow these steps to make your purchase an easy and trouble free one.
Town Planning (Plan General de Ordenación Urbana) - Check withthe Town planning departament (Departamento de Urbanismo) of the Town Hall about if any major developments are planned in the property area and if them could affect the property.

Planning Permission (Permiso de obra) / Building Permit (Licencia de Obra) -If you are buying a new or recently constructed property you must make sure that the construction that has taken place has been authorised and that it was undertaken in accordance with the plans approved. If you are buying a property in the course of construction the Seller must be made to produce proof of these permits.
Certificates of the termination of the building (Certificado de fin de obra) / Licence of first occupation (Licencia de primera ocupación) - Another important check to make because if the building does not have these certifications - you may run into problems registering the property and also the council could sanction you with a fine or could order the demolition of the building.
Bank Guarantees - By Spanish law (Article 1, Ley 57/1968, de 27 de julio, Reguladora de las percepciones de cantidades anticipadas en la construcción y venta de viviendas) any property sold to you in the course of construction must be accompanied by a bank or insurance guarantee to protect you against the risk of the seller going bust or, for some other reason, not being able to complete the construction and delivery of the property.

Reservation Contract - It is a written document in which the seller offers to take a stated property off the market for a fixed period and to sell it at a stated price to a stated person at any time within a stated period. The seller will usually require that the potential buyer pay him a deposit. Once he has received this deposit the seller must reserve the property for the buyer until the end of the period specified in the contract.  
If the potential buyer does not go ahead they can lose the deposit. If the seller refuses to go ahead the buyer is entitled to claim compensation.
Full Contract. “Contrato privado de compraventa” - A full, binding commitment to buy the property & an agreement that commits both parties. The seller must sell a stated property at an agreed price to a stated person as the terms set out in the contract. Remember that under Spanish law by signing and completing this contract you become, in some senses, the owner of the property, though you will need to sign a deed of sale (escritura) and register your ownership to be safe as far as third parties are concerned.
Most contracts will include that:
  • - The seller and buyer should both be stated fully
  • - The property should be described fully, both in an everyday sense and by reference to its land registry details
  • - A date for the signing of the deed of sale (escritura) will be fixed or the contract will permit either party to require the signing of the escritura at any point by giving notice to t the other
  • - A statement will be made as to when possession will take place – normally, on the date of signing the title
  • - The property should be sold with vacant possession
  • - The property should be sold free of any charges, debts or burdens and all bills should be paid up to date before signing the escritura
  • - Who is to pay the costs of the purchase
  • - It may confirm the details of any agent involved and who is to pay their commission
  • - What happens if one or both of the parties break the contract
  • - It will establish the law to cover the contract and the address of the parties for legal purposes
  • - It is very usual to include in the “Contrato privado de compraventa” an “arras” agreement that it is a special deposit payable by the buyer. If the buyer fails to complete he will lose the deposit (normally a 10% of the purchase price). If the seller fails to complete he will have to return double the deposit paid. If the parties fail to comply with their obligations there is the ultimate remedy of seeking a court order.
  • Deed of Sale (Escritura de compra-venta) - This is the title document proving who is the owner of the property and containing a detailed description of the property itself. It is, under Spanish law, necessary for the Escritura to be signed before a Spanish Notary Public.
The Notary is a public official who put on the public record the fact that the title deed recording the sale/purchase has been signed in his presence and understood by the parties concerned. The function of the Notary is not to advise or to protect either your interests or the interests of the person selling the house. When the Escritura is signed in front of the Notary the purchase price must be, in his presence, handed over to the person selling the property or the seller must confirms that the money has already been handed over. Proof of such payment must be then incorporated into the title deeds of the property.
Do I have to be in Spain to complete the transaction? - The buyer and the seller of the property may attend in person in front of the Notary, but, if this is inconvenient, most lawyers can attend on their behalf if one of both provide Power of Attorney.
Where must the money be paid? - The price, together with the taxes and fees payable, is usually paid by the buyer to the seller in front of the notary. This is the best and safest way. You can, in fact, agree to pay in whatever way and wherever you please. In the case of a seller who is not tax resident in Spain the buyer is obliged to retain 5% of the price and pay it to the Spanish Tax Administration (Agencia Tributaria) on account of the seller's potential tax liabilities.
Fees and Taxes - In Spain when a property transaction takes place, as in any other country taxes and fees have to be paid at completion. Failure to do so means that registration of the Escritura at the Property Registration cannot take place.
Notary's fees - The Notary's fees for the execution of the Escritura are fixed by a sliding scale established by law. In accordance with the article 1.455 of the Spanish Civil Code
Land Registry's fees - For the registration of the Escritura at the Land Registry, again a sliding scale is applicable dependant on the purchase price. In accordance with Spanish law the Land Registry’s fees must be paid by the seller.
Transfer Tax or VAT (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales (IVA) - If the seller is a private individual and not a property developer, the sale is subject to a transfer tax (“Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales” – ITP) at the rate of 7% (“Comunidad Autonoma de Murcia” and “Comunidad Valenciana”) levied on the purchase price as declared in the Escritura (Article 11.1.a) LITP-AJD). If the seller is a company or developer, the sale is subject to a VAT (“Impuesto sobre Valor Añadido” - IVA) at the rate of 7% (Article 91.1.7º LIVA) will be levied on the purchase price plus a stamp tax at the rate of 0,5 or 1% (Article 31.2 LITP-AJD)
Plusvalia Tax (Impuesto sobre el Incremento del Valor de los Terrenos de Naturaleza Urbana) - This is a municipal tax on the increase in urban land value; The Plusvalia is based on the assessed increase in the official value of the property from the date of the previous sale to the date of the current sale. The amount payable varies widely since it is based upon the assessed increase in the land's value and the lapse of time since the prior transaction. The amount payable also depends on the location of the property and the applicable scale. In accordance with Spanish law the Plusvalia Tax must be paid by the seller.
Capital Gains Tax - Capital Gains Tax must not be confused with the above-mentioned Plusvalia Tax. Capital Gains Tax is not based on the official value of the property like the Plusvalia Tax, but on the real value. The Capital Gains Tax is based on the increase in the purchase price and the sales price.
In order to guarantee that non-resident sellers pay this tax, Spanish law (Article 24.2 LIRNR) now provides that in the case of a non-resident seller transferring a property located in Spain, the purchaser is obliged to withhold 5% of the purchase price on account of the sellers potential tax liability and deposit this retention in the tax office. Restitution by the tax authorities of the whole or part of the 5% will take place after the seller has declared and paid the tax. Clearly, the Capital Gains Tax falls on the seller. However, if the buyer fails to retain and deposit the 5% of the purchase price and the seller does not pay the amount due, the tax authorities can levy this sum on the property. It is essential that any buyer always deduct 5% of the purchase price when buying.
Once all the above obligations have been complied with, you will be the true owner of your Spanish property.
Registration in the Land Registry - The signing of the Escritura de Compraventa transfers the ownership of the property. However, the Escritura alone does not guarantee your title to the property. To be enforceable against all other persons the Escritura must be registered in the Land Registry. This must be done immediately after its execution. uble free one
Community of owners ( Comunidad de Propietarios) - the legal department resposible for the payment of community expenses such as pool, gardens, security, rubbish collection etc. These must be up to date & the seller will be asked to privide receipts to ensure all is paid up to date prior to purchase
Water supply - Again the seller must be up to date with payments as supplies can be cut off if not and you wil be obliged to pay any outstanding fees
Electricity, telephone & gas - The same as above
Real estate tax (Impuesto Municipal Sobre Bienes Inmuebles I.B.I) - Levied on the offical assesed value of the land & construction. Although you start paying from the date of the purchase, it is essential to check whether the receipts for the proceeding four years have been paid by the seller up-to-date. If not, you will be responsible for any outstanding sums.

Property Register protects the interests of the owner and third parties. The complete history of any property can be found in the Property Register and any title or right or charge which may exist against a certain property can be inspected. It is not recommend to buy from someone who is not registered as the owner at the Property Register because only the owner registered at the Property Register can prove that he is the legal owner of the property and only he can guarantee to transfer the property to you as the legal owner.
If this is not the case you can ask the Property Register for a certificate “Certificación Registral” or an extract “Nota Simple”, that shows all previous transactions and indicates who is the legal registered owner of a property and whether the property has any charges as "hipotecas" (mortgages), "censos" (ground rent or leasehold payments), "usufructos" (interests in the property), "limitaciones" (restrictions on use), "multas" (fines), "cláusulas resolutorias" (determinations, i.e. decisions about the future of the property), or "embargos" (court orders for distraint or seizure).
Catastral Certification (Certificación catastral) / Partial Plan (Plan parcial) - is very useful to know if the description of the property which is recorded in the Land Registry is exactly the same that the description recorded in the Town Hall. Checking the Partial Plan ensures that 


FSBO-Spain can help with Selling a property in Spain including Moraira, Benitachell, Torrevieja, Gaurdamar del Segura, San Miguel, Pinoso, Javea, O Costa, Villamartin. La Marina. Benidorm, Alicante, Valencia, Calpe, Jalon. Orba, Denia, Altea, Afaz del Pi, Teulada, Tosalet, Toscal, Sabatera, Cota Nova, Benissa, La xara, La Sella, Javea Golf, Moaria Golf, Bonalba, Murcia, Polaris world, Santa Pola,Los Montisenos, Crevillents, Catral, Dolores, La Mata, Don pepe, Cabo Roig, Los Alcazeres, Costa del Sol, Valencia, Barcelona.
FSBO-Spain can help with Selling a property in Spain including Moraira, Benitachell, Torrevieja, Gaurdamar del Segura, San Miguel, Pinoso, Javea, O Costa, Villamartin. La Marina. Benidorm, Alicante, Valencia, Calpe, Jalon. Orba, Denia, Altea, Afaz del Pi, Teulada, Tosalet, Toscal, Sabatera, Cota Nova, Benissa, La xara, La Sella, Javea Golf, Moaria Golf, Bonalba, Murcia, Polaris world, Santa Pola,Los Montisenos, Crevillents, Catral, Dolores, La Mata, Don pepe, Cabo Roig, Los Alcazeres, Costa Del Sol, Valencia, Barcelona, 




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